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E-M:/ EPA wants to let CAFOS off hook on Air Quality

Enviro-Mich message from "Anne M. Woiwode" <anne.woiwode@sierraclub.org>

WASHINGTON, June 2 - The        
 Environmental Protection Agency is close to reaching an agreement with

 some of the nation's largest animal processors that would lay the

 groundwork for the first federal emission standards for companies that

 process millions of pigs, cows and chickens every day.



 The agency says the agreement, which would allow the companies to
 the air quality of their own operations for two years, would produce

 information that is essential to develop standards for the industry,
 generates huge amounts of animal waste. Toxic pollutants in the waste
 been linked to a wide range of respiratory problems, especially in




 "The industry as a whole needs better monitoring data," said Thomas V.

 Skinner, assistant administrator of the agency's office of enforcement
 compliance. "This is the fastest and clearest way to do that."



 But environmental groups and former agency officials say the agreement
 a bad deal for the public because while the companies are collecting
 they will be shielded from prosecution for violations of the Clean Air
 and other federal laws.



 "The government has the authority to get this data without an amnesty

 agreement," said Barclay Rogers, a lawyer for the Sierra Club. "That's
 of the things that makes this so objectionable - there is no reason for

 the government to cut a sweetheart deal."




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