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Title: HUD grant for Benton Harbor

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Subject: HUD grant for Benton Harbor


Granholm Applauds $15.9 Million Federal Grant to Benton Harbor

LANSING – Michigan Governor Jennifer M. Granholm today applauded the announcement of a $15.9 million federal HOPE VI grant to the City of Benton Harbor for the development of new housing in the city.  These funds will be used to replace dilapidated barrack-style public housing with new single-family housing.  The community is hopeful that this new housing will help to spur additional development projects around the HOPE area. 

“This is blockbuster news for Benton Harbor,” said Granholm.  “This money is another sign of the revitalization of Benton Harbor.  I believe that the city has turned the corner, from the despair of last summer to the gleaming hope of a bright future.”

Granholm praised Congressman Fred Upton’s diligent work in securing the grant for the city and underscored the collaborative way in which it was achieved.

“The people of this community, and this state, are lucky to have such a passionate advocate in Fred Upton,” said Granholm.  “I know I speak for my administration and for all of Benton Harbor when I say we are thankful for his diligent work in fighting for this money.”

The Governor also thanked all of the people who worked closely with her office in the successful effort to secure this federal grant, including the City of Benton Harbor, the Benton Harbor Housing Commission, Cornerstone Alliance, CWCC, Citizens for Progressive Change, and the Michigan State Housing Development Authority.

The HOPE VI grant application/project was a top priority of the Citizens for Progressive Change, the group established by the Governor's task force in the wake of last summer's disturbance. 

“This was a shining example of a strong collaborative process and illustrated the tremendous impact it can have when leaders from the local, state, and federal levels come together for the betterment of the Benton Harbor community,” said Granholm.

The new housing that will be financed by this grant is just one of a number of recent projects that have come in the wake of the Governor’s task force report on the future of Benton Harbor.  Other recent redevelopment projects in the city include:

•  The redevelopment of Main Street, including the opening of a new office complex for the Whirlpool Corporation, and the construction of the new Michigan Works office which will be a one-stop shop workforce development center.

•  A $1.5 million dollar grant to assist in the construction of the Harbor Town project.

•  The Jimmy Carter Work Project (JCWP) has committed to build a minimum of 32 new homes in the city (which will be adjacent to the HOPE VI development).

•  The Belleview-Brunson Development project that will involve 48 new single-family homes which will overlook Hull Park adjacent to the HOPE VI/JCWP site. 

•  The award of the federal grant will also trigger the award of over $20 million in tax credit funds from MSDHA for new housing.

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