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Re: E-M:/ Sound Science?

Enviro-Mich message from Andrew Mutch <andrewimutch@yahoo.com>

While some of us may be surprised that the residents
of Midland seem to be lining up behind Dow, the very
company responsible for the dioxin in their soil, in
many ways, it's a very logical decision on their part.
Consider the following: 

1) The City of Midland has made clear that they are
siding with Dow against the DEQ.
2) The County Health Department is siding with Dow
against the DEQ.
3) Local and State representatives are siding with Dow
against the DEQ. 
4) The DEQ under Engler almost gave Dow a free pass on
the entire issue. 
5) Dow has made clear that they intend to fight any
efforts to make them meet the DEQ's standards. 

Faced with all of these positions, local residents may
very well come to the conclusion that:

A) No one is looking out for them or their interests.
B) Since Dow appears unwilling to do any clean-up and
no one, except the DEQ, appears willing to force them
to do so, the likelihood of the dioxin being removed
from their properties is very small.

If you don't think that a clean-up is ever going to
take place, it's easy to see why many people want to
avoid discovering the truth about their properties. 

Andrew Mutch

> .  To think that one community (Midland), one
> corporation (Dow) and their 
> cadre of corporate lap dogs (Goschka, Moolenar,
> Camp, Stamas) could be so 
> cavalier about the health of the people and the
> natural resources of Michigan is 
> arrogant and goes beyond self serving. The call for
> "sound science" has produced 
> no science to challenge the existing state standard
> of 90ppt. Indeed "sound 
> science" is a smoke screen and non existent. The
> real science is political. Rally 
> the residents blinded by their loyalty to Dow, give
> them a slogan, get a 
> handful corporate coddled legislators to introduce
> legislation releasing Dow of 
> liability, retain a couple of high profile Lansing
> lobbyists to lean on the 
> Governor and the DEQ...................Public
> health, the law and the Great Lakes 
> be damned. 
> You can follow the details and "political science" 
> at www.trwnews.net 
> Michelle Hurd Riddick
> Lone Tree Council
> Saginaw, MI 48602
> 989-799-3313
> michdave@aol.com

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