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Hello! Let us introduce ourselves. We're the folks who provide you with 
your daily dose of <http://www.great-lakes.net/news/>Great Lakes headlines.

Each morning, we spend several hours manually searching 100+ news sources 
to provide this valuable service on the <http://www.great-lakes.net/>Great 
Lakes Information Network (GLIN). If you use and value 
<http://www.great-lakes.net/news/>GLIN Daily News, won't you consider 
supporting us?

Less than 10 cents a day—only $25 per year—from each of our subscribers 
would fully fund this important service. This is less than the subscription 
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regional newspapers for Great Lakes headlines, all for you!

Please <http://www.great-lakes.net/news/sponsor/>support GLIN Daily 
News—become an individual supporter or sponsoring agency today. Your 
charitable gift, care of the <http://www.glc.org/>Great Lakes Commission, 
is tax-deductible and will go exclusively toward maintenance of GLIN Daily 

We greatly appreciate your support!


The GLIN Daily News Team
Christine Manninen, Shannon Glutting, Kirk Haverkamp
Great Lakes Commission

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