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E-M:/ Freep on Dioxin Contamination

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Hugh McDiarmid, Jr. has a nice article in the
Detroit Free Press on the issue of
chlorindated dibenzo-dioxin/furan contamination
and Rethuglican attacks on public health cleanup


If memory serves me correctly, the 90 parts per trillion
standard would represent an expected increased cancer
incidence risk of 1 in 100,000   ....so....just so everyone
understands, what the Rethuglicans apparently want
is an increase cancer risk from human exposure to
chlorinated dibenzo-dioxins/furans in soils and public
areas equivalent to 1.11 in 10,000.

I was unaware that environmentally induced
carcinonomas happened to be a Rethuglican constituency.....

Please note that doing this kind of thing is a slippery
slope....   If a cancer risk of 1.11 in 10,000 is OK for
contaminated soils, then allowing the soils cleanup
relaxation might lead to proposals saying that
ambient air exposure cancer risks should be about
the same.....so we would potentially allow 100 times
more cancer risk from air pollution from the current
initial risk screening level of 1 in 1,000,000

A long time we ago we used to have Republicans
who were conservationists and leaders....like Bill Milliken
and Raymond Smit.    Off in NY they still have
George Patacki, who is pretty good on this stuff.

Why is it now that all we have in Michigan are the
Rethuglicans who act like cretins when it comes to the
environment?    A possible answer is the guy at the
top....the chief Rethuglican...G. W. Bush....who sets
the tone for the whole party/country and is busy repudiating
the Republican conservation tradition set by
Teddy Roosevelt, Richard Nixon and even his
father who, after all, signed the 1990 amendments to
the Clean Air Act and did a pretty good job of
environmental enforcement during his administration?

Is it possible that the country is suffering the macro-effects
of presidential father-son tensions set forth on environmental
protection [and Iraq for that matter?]?

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