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You've probably heard about the large emergence of 17-year cicadas.  If you'd like to EXPERIENCE it, get out soon to some prime cicada habitat (see map link below).  One of the best places to see and hear the cicadas is at the Cherry Hill Nature Preserve in Superior Township, Washtenaw County.
The Cherry Hill Nature Preserve is a 160-acre preserve which was purchased by the Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy and transferred to Superior Township.  Little did we know when we bought this property that it was prime cicada habitat.  We were out there today for a work project, and there were literally MILLIONS of cicadas at this one site.  Every bush and tree seemed to be flush with cicadas!  Cicadas were flying around, landing on the ground, landing on our shirts, and climbing to higher tree perches to glisten in the sun and emit their mating calls.
Although each individual song is a relatively low quiet buzz, the noise of millions singing at once is absolutely astounding!  This is truly one of the greatest natural phenomenons which I have witnessed.  I had thought that some news reports were overblown--but the sights and sounds at the Cherry Hill Nature Preserve were truly amazing!
If you're interested in seeing and hearing the cicadas, get out soon.  The best time to witness them is during a warm sunny day.  The recent rains dampened their enthusiasm, but they are now out in full force.  This is probably about the peak of their activity, as a notable number of them are starting to die off.  And remember, if you can't get out to see them soon, please mark your calendar for June 12, 2021.
    Note:  We can arrange a tour guide for newspaper reporters and TV crews.
Location:  Cherry Hill Nature Preserve, Superior Township - on Cherry Hill Rd., 1.7 miles west of Prospect Rd. (1/2 mile east of Gale Rd.).  For a map and directions, go to www.mapquest.com and use the address 6375 Cherry Hill Rd, Ypsilanti, MI 48198
Other information on cicadas:
For a map of where "Brood X" cicadas will
emerge:  http://aolsvc.aol.com/research/cicada/cicada_map.htm
National Geographic story:
    "Cicada Invasion Begins:  Eastern U.S. Beset by Bugs"
"Brood X has arrived. Are you ready?
    Billions of black, shrimp-size bugs with transparent wings and beady red eyes are beginning to carpet trees, buildings, poles, and just about anything else vertical in a wide region of the U.S. The invasion zone stretches from the eastern seaboard west through Indiana and south to Tennessee."  (Full story at:) 
You can also find lots of other information online by searching for "17 year cicadas".
Jack Smiley
Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy