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E-M:/ Global Warming Rally Speakers List

Speakers for the Global Warming Awareness Rally,
this Tuesday, June 15, Noon at the State Capitol:
City of Lansing officials
      Global Warming Awareness Proclamation
Father Charles Morris, MiIPL
Rabbi Michael Zimmerman, Cong. Kehillat Israel
Imam Achmat Salie
      Role of religion in climate change, prayers
Dr. Henry N. Pollack, Prof. Geophysics, U of M
      Science of Climate Change
Rep. Chris Kolb, Mich. House of Representatives
      Legislative Action on greenhouse gasses
Mark Clevey, Small Business Assoc. of Michigan
      "Green Gazelles"
Rep. John Stewart, Mich. House of Representatives
       Letter from Gov. William G. Milliken
Gene Townsend, President Mid-MEAC
5 Things We Can Do
Dr. Martin Kushler, ACEEE
      Energy Efficiency in Michigan
Dr. Kurt Guter, Manager N. Amer. Wind Energy
      Wind Development
David Seagull, Event Coordinator
Lucy Harrison, Amer. Indian Health and Family Serv.
      Closing prayer

Global Warming Awareness Day, June 15, 2004 State Capitol, 11a - 3p
You can help insure the success
of the 1st Annual Global Warming Awareness Rally
by forwarding  this website address to all appropriate
list-serves and individuals:


Together we can make a difference!
David Seagull
Ph: 517-410-3318

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