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E-M:/ Huron-Clinton Metro Authority selling public land for development

Enviro-Mich message from lmarckini@comcast.net

The Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority (HCMA) serves five counties in 
southeastern Michigan and owns and operates such well known metroparks as Stony Creek and Kensington.  HCMA is proposing the sale of 181 acres of 
environmentally sensitive land located in Milford Township for 
residential development.  A citizen group has emerged to resist the sale and explore means of purchasing it and conserving it.  The land is a long and relatively narrow parcel running east and west that connects Proud Lake Recreation Area's western border and the eastern border of Kensington Metropark.  It contains an undeveloped trail used by equestrians, boy scouts, and hikers that is a portion of the Chief Pontiac Trail.  The trail itself would be subject to a 100-foot easement as a condition of sale.  

Many of us in the citizen group feel that this sale represents a dangerous precedent as the seller is a public agency, the land is zoned for recreational use, the development may further marginalize the land within Proud Lake Recreation Area due to increasing fragmentation, the land appears to function as an important wildlife corridor but we are aware of no formal studies of this issue, and the sale was not communicated to the public until residents with property bordering on the parcel learned of a pending sale.

Media coverage of the issue can be viewed at:

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Lisa Marckini
Milford Township resident

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