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E-M:/ Bush chairman fabricated job losses numbers associated with CAFE

Enviro-Mich message from Keith Schneider <keith@mlui.org>

Dear friend,
The Michigan Land Use Institute was just as startled as you may have been 
when Bush campaign chairman Marc Racicot came to town in April to assert 
that Michigan stood to "lose 105,000" jobs if higher CAFE standards were in 
	The Institute investigated and today we posted an article that exposes the 
misleading numbers behind Racicot's utterly false claim that   boosting car 
and light truck gas mileage will cost the auto industry jobs. Stephanie 
Rudolph, a writer on our news desk this summer, was startled to discover 
just how far critics of higher fuel mileage standards will go to manipulate 
	Share in Stephanie's worldwide (and world-class) debut for us here at 
	Trust your summer is going well, Keith Schneider, deputy director, 
Michigan Land Use Institute

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