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E-M:/ BFRs Rising in Great Lakes

Title: BFRs Rising in Great Lakes
"Eggs collected near Chicago and Milwaukee have the highest BDE readings, followed by Toronto Harbor."



Chicago Sun-Times

June 30, 2004


Pollutant level rising in Great Lakes gull eggs

BY GARY WISBY Environment Reporter


Herring gull eggs collected from nests along the Great Lakes are contaminated with a pollutant that could be as bad as PCBs.

Moreover, levels of BDEs -- brominated diphenyl ethers -- are rising, and are highest in eggs collected near Chicago and other big cities.

Environment Canada, a government department, has been sampling the eggs every spring since 1974 at 15 sites on the Great Lakes.

Only one -- BDEs -- is on the increase, said Chip Weseloh, the wildlife biologist who heads the egg-testing project.

BDE levels aren't considered high enough to harm wildlife, but if the trend continues, the pollutant will become the main contaminant in gull eggs in 10 to 15 years.