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E-M:/ New Source Review: Admin. Sticks to Polluter Agenda

Enviro-Mich message from "Anne M. Woiwode" <anne.woiwode@sierraclub.org>

June 30, 2004

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   Bush Administration Sticks to Pro-Polluter Agenda Despite Decision to
                         Reopen New Source Review

            Statement by Nat Mund, Sierra Club Clean Air Expert

"Americans should take little comfort in the Bush administration's
decision to reconsider rule changes that would weaken pollution laws for
America's oldest and dirtiest power plants, refineries, and other
factories. By its own admission, nothing in today's announcement about
New Source Review program changes the Bush administration's basic goal
allowing the nation's worst polluters to pollute significantly more than
permitted under the current Clean Air Act.

"The Clean Air Act is one of the most successful public health laws on
books.  Thanks to this landmark policy, the emissions of six of the most
harmful and widespread air pollutants in the United States have been cut
nearly in half over the past 30 years.  Unfortunately, Americans
to suffer from pollution.  The Environmental Protection Agency recently
estimated that 159 million Americans still live in communities with
unhealthy air.  At a time when America desperately needs to move forward
the battle for clean air, the Bush administration is taking the country
backwards by weakening the very law that got us this far.

"Soot and smog from very old industrial facilities continue to be a
persistent problem, and states have been clamoring for help.
their pleas, and those of public health and religious leaders, have
on deaf ears, unlike the power, coal, and oil lobbyists who were given
extraordinary access to the administration's rule-making process for New
Source Review.  The Bush administration is only reopening the rule now
overcome resistance from the courts.

"Americans deserve better.  Rather than catering to the polluters and
weakening a Clean Air Act that even the administration's top analysts
has been a resounding success, the Bush administration should enforce
law and ensure that America's oldest and dirtiest power plants and
factories clean up once and for all."


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