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E-M:/ Training for vehicle service and body shops

Two of the national Environmental Compliance Assistance Centers established in cooperation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are working together to provide city and county governments with online training in environmental and related safety concerns for their vehicle repair operations.  The Coordinating Committee for Automotive Repair (CCAR), which operates the CCAR-GreenLink center, announced that its “S/P2” online training in Safety andPollution Prevention is now available to local governments through LGEAN the Local Government Environmental Assistance Network.      
LGEAN provides environmental management, planning, funding, and regulatory information for local government elected and appointed officials, managers and staff.  The LGEAN center is operated by a partnership of organizations managed by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA). S/P2 is CCAR’s Internet-based training to address the key safety and pollution prevention issues faced by professionals working in automotive service and collision repair.     
“S/P2 was developed by CCAR in concurrence with U.S. EPA and OSHA standards, which require that shop personnel be trained at least annually on safety and environmental regulations. Local governments must comply with the same EPA and OSHA requirements as private-sector automotive facilities,” said Andrew Seth, LGEAN’s director. The online S/P2 training will provide cities and counties with a cost-effective means to meet environmental and safety standards.  “CCAR-GreenLink is pleased to be working with LGEAN to expand our audience for this important training,” said Robert G. Stewart, CCAR President.   “We look forward to assisting local governments in bringing this information to their vehicle maintenance and repair facilities.”      
CCAR makes S/P2 available in separate versions for mechanical repair/service and autobody/collision repair.  Each version of S/P2 is available for a $299 annual subscription per facility.  The S/P2 program tracks individual progress through the training, evaluates test results, and provides printable certificates of completion.     For more information on the S/P2 training for local governments, visit the LGEAN web site at    www.lgean.org/html/sp2.cfm  or call toll-free at   1-866-477-2669.