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E-M:/ Potential help with Writing and Web Projects



            I am forwarding this message to you from a colleague at Michigan State University. This is a good opportunity for Michigan environmental groups that would like to do more to improve internal communication, write up position papers, or develop their Internet presence.


If you’d like to work with MSU Freshmen and get their help with communications projects, Call Fred to see if something might be worked out.


I should mention that students voluntarily sign up for these courses, so they are interested in doing public service related to Michigan environmental issues.


Here’s the course info:



I teach a Service Learning class at Michigan State University called

Public Life in America. Service Learning combines academic study of the

responsibilities of citizens in a democratic society with practical

projects that put students to work on the issues we are studying. Last

term, for example, we are working the the Friends of the Ingham County

Animal Shelter to develop materials that will educate pet owners and

adopters about such issues as the need to spay/neuter; the role of Class

B dealers and pending legislation affecting stray animals.

  I am interested in working with a group focusing on animal rights,

CAFO's, sustainable agriculture and related issues. My students are all

freshmen, who are not allowed to have cars on campus, so actual field

work would probably be out, but developing educational and advocacy

materials, both text and electronic; researching and developing

presentations and proposals would be well within their capability.

  I would be happy to discuss this with you further. If you think we can

be of service, please contact me.


Fred Barton




You can see the current class syllabus here:


You can learn more about Service Learning at MSU here:






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