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E-M:/ Environmental Caucus of the MDP


Those of you who are active in the Michigan Democratic Party or who want to be more active in the MDP are invited to attend the Environmental Caucus this Monday, July 12th from 6pm to
8pm at Beggar's Banquet in downtown East Lansing. Nine resolutions regarding current environmental issues will be presented to vote on. Once passed, the resolutions will be forwarded to the platform committee of the Michigan
Democratic Party. The Environmental Caucus will also ask members to present the same resolutions to various county democratic clubs and district clubs for their consideration and adoption at their July and
August meetings.

The Environmental Caucus will meet again during the state convention in late August at Cobo Hall in Detroit. We hope that you'll join us then as well. Only Michigan Democratic Party members can vote on Monday, but it costs only $10 to join, so don't let that stop you from attending and enjoying the evening with other green democrats.

We hope to see you there!
Any questions, please contact me at irwina2@excite.com.


Jeff Irwin and Represenative Chris Kolb, Co-Chairs of the Environmental Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party.

Jeff Irwin
Washtenaw County Commissioner
11th District

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