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Re: E-M:/ Environmental issues won't fade

First, DEQ doesn't regulate hunting in MI; DNR does.  Also, fully automatic guns have been prohibited for public use since the about the 1930s.  There is a lot of confusion about "automatic" and "semi-automatic".  Automatic means you press the trigger once and it fires continuously.  Semi-automatic means you have to press the trigger each time you want the gun to fire.   Semi-automatic guns are legal to hunt with, but are regulated by the number of shells the gun can carry.  For migratory birds, a semi-auto can only hold 3 shells.  For deer and other game, the number of shells is limited to 5.   There are some exceptions. 
So, a fully automatic gun is illegal to use and possess while hunting.  What makes any gun an assault weapon is the person behind the trigger, not what the gun looks like.
Hope this sheds a little light on the subject.  

>>> "Alexander J. Sagady" <ajs@sagady.com> 7/8/2004 11:48:30 PM >>>
Enviro-Mich message from "Alexander J. Sagady" <ajs@sagady.com>

Speaking of guns and the outdoors.....

....and noting George Weeks recent column saying that
the Republican US House of Representatives is refusing
to renew the ten year old ban on the sale of assault weapons....

....is there anything in MDEQ hunting regulations that
would prohibit the use of a fully automatic assault rifle
or machine pistol for hunting in Michigan?    While I
realize that  certain hunting ethics would mitigate against
this, is there actually a rule against going out and using
a MAC10 machine pistol or M-16 military assault rifle
for hunting in Michigan?

At 11:07 PM 07/08/2004, you wrote:

>Good to see Eric Sharp speak up.  This is what other outdoor writers tell
>me.  The NRA has such a strangle hold on the Outdoor Writers Association
>(OWA) that few writers dare speak out against Bush.  The OWA yearly
>convention has become nothing more than a gun rights GOP/Bush pep
>rally.  Some environmental outdoor writers now skip the conventions over
>the single issue bias.  The fish and game could all die due to pollution
>and lost of habitat, but that's fine with the OWA as long as their #1 gun
>rights supporter is in the White House.
>Environmental issues won't fade
>What we won't forget is the damage left behind by the Bush
>administration's parallel onslaught on this country's environmental
>protection laws and its wild places. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney
>like to portray themselves as outdoorsmen, but I don't see how they can
>make that claim when their administration has been so callous about
>protecting America's waters, air and wildlife.
>Bush has taken heat from the usual expected suspects, like the Sierra Club
>and Audubon Society. But a group of federal employees has accused his
>administration of callously damaging our marvelous national parks system,
>which is the envy of the industrialized world. And he had to back down on
>a plan to weaken the Clean Water Act when a coalition of largely
>conservative groups representing duck hunters, anglers and other sportsmen
>rose up in outraged protest. Even Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona
>has labeled Bush as a serious threat to the environment.

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