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Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Do you remember the big national group that
went all out to opposed the Clinton Administration
changes strengthen ozone and particulate matter air
quality standards?    They had bigtime operatives
like C. Boyden Gray?   It was the "Citizens for
a Sound Economy"

They are back and they
are now promoting Ralph Nader......

Progressive Unity News
Breaking Events in the 2004 Progressive Campaign to Beat Bush


Michigan GOP Openly Launches Nader Petition Drive

Bush Forces Now Driving Nader Ballot Efforts in At Least Five Battleground 
States: Oregon, Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania & Michigan

The American Right has now openly launched a full-scale campaign in support 
of getting Nader on battleground state ballots. While in 2000 such support 
was covert or provided so late that disclosure was only required after the 
election, in 2004 there is now an open alliance: It's the GOP, Bush, Dick 
Armey... & Ralph Nader.

The "support" from right-wing Bush groups now seems to dwarf Nader's own 
campaign organization. In Pennsylvania alone, and fresh from its Nader work 
in Oregon, Dick Armey's right-wing "think-tank" Citizens for a Sound 
Economy (CSE) boasts an organization of 10,000 volunteers to get Nader on 
the ballot[1]. In Michigan, meanwhile, the state GOP has announced the 
Party will actively circulate petitions for Nader's ballot campaign[2]. 
Such massive reactionary forces backing Nader's campaign calls into 
question whether Nader needs any campaign allies or organization at all -- 
it hardly matters if the Green Party refuses Nader ballot access, or if the 
Reform Party grants it. Nader's campaign is now the golden child of 
America's most powerful political machine -- the Corporate and Religious Right.

And there's no question about why this is taking place. Bush forces are 
quite explicit. As CSE put it in the phone script for their Oregon campaign 
for Nader:

"…Ralph Nader is undoubtedly going to pull some very crucial votes from 
John Kerry, and that could mean the difference in a razor-thin presidential 
election. Can we count on you to come out on Saturday night and sign the 
petition to nominate Ralph Nader?"[3]

Perhaps Nader has been correct all along: he's been saying he'd get lots of 
conservative support. But please, Mr. Nader, let's not confuse the Pro-Bush 
Right putting you on the ballot with them actually voting for you. They 
know how much harm your campaign can do to progressive causes. We only wish 
you could face the same reality.

Published by the Progressive Unity Voter Fund, sponsors of 
RalphDontRun.net, DontVoteRalph.net, and PollWatch04

[1] http://www.philly.com/mld/inquirer/news/front/9074661.htm

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