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E-M:/ Council wants Tondu to pay for plant review

From TCRE Week in review, July 11, 2004
Council wants Tondu to pay for plant review
      MANISTEE - City officials say they spent more than $100,000 reviewing the Manistee Saltworks/Tondu Corp. proposal to build a coal-burning power plant on the shores of Manistee Lake.
      And the city council wants the corporation to keep an earlier commitment to pay the bill and voted 6-1 last week to find a legal way to make the developer do it.
      "Taxpayers incurred this cost and we're simply asking Tondu to pay what we believe is an appropriate and justifiable invoice," said city manager Mitch Deisch.
      Tondu had asked city officials for a bill of review costs once city planners made a decision, Deisch said. But invoices sent after the April vote to strike down plans for the $700 million, 425-megawatt Northern Lights plant have not been paid.
      Deisch said the city spent $111,581 in the lengthy review process. Charges include planning, engineering and legal services, studies of the plant's wastewater discharge and emissions, as well as overtime wages for one city employee.