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E-M:/ Dioxin is no problem.........

   "We strongly disagree with the MDEQ's statement regarding Dow worker health," said spokeswoman Anne Ainsworth. Studies have been shared openly with the public and don't show increases in cancer, she said. "The results of 17 peer-reviewed and published studies have shown that the cancer death rate for this employee group is the same as that for the general public, and their overall death rate is 10 percent lower than the national rate."
Ms. Ainsworth may want to write EPA and ask for a copy of Dow's amended workers study. Filed in 1998 to reflect higher incidence of stomach and prostate cancer, this amended report was filed with EPA Document Process Center, Office of Toxic Substance in Washington, DC. In a letter to DEQ, notifying the agency of the discrepancy, (4-1-98)  former Dow Environmental Health and Safety Leader, Jeff Feerer states," The most important changes are the stronger correlation between cumulative TCDD exposure and prostate cancer was found, and also, a stronger correlation with stomach cancer was seen when a 15 year latency period was tested."Mr Feerer of Dow was kind enough to share this information with Lone Tree Council during the debates over the Dow funded Health Study in 2002.
Michelle Hurd Riddick
Lone Tree Council