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E-M:/ Kellogg poison spidey "infestation"

(Ok, maybe the subject line is a bit Irresponsible) But so is Kellogg's Marketing Dept.
I'm sure most of us working on toxins and particularly Mercury are aware of the Kellogg poison spidey "infestation" (see NY press release below) but I was wondering if any of the local major Enviro groups were doing anything about organizing a recall effort in Michigan and (of course and again) passing strict mercury laws that would keep these toxic toys out of our homes and environment.
As a Councilperson and local environmentalist in the City of Hamtramck I am considering passing a resolution calling for the Governor to pressure Kellogg or maybe even one calling for a boycott of Kellogg products at our local stores.  I assume we could get press on it.
But before doing so I wanted to know where others are on the issue.
Rob Cedar
Director - Hamtramck Environmental Action Team