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E-M:/ NUKE LEAK ??? Is it is your can of Coco Cola????

I have a question which  is about us in Michigan and outside of Michigan.
my sister lives near the nuke weapon plant  on the Savannah river between SC and Georgia. some time ago the energy dept re-classified the area an incidental waste site, rather that a radio active site. They wanted  or maybe even did bury the waste in containers  near the river and covered with concrete and the where 2 other sites out west that made nukes  which they did this, out west people fought it took them to court  a fed court ruled that this means of handling  nuke waste was unsafe and ruled  on behalf of the people, of crouse  Bush  wants this over turned. 
This was not fought in South Carolina since many of the people were kept in the dark and believe there jobs would be lost etc...
Now there has been reported a  leak of this waste into the Savannah river. what I am getting at here is this.  (I could be wrong here but) ISN'T THERE A WATER INTAKE FOR THE CITY OF ATLANTA  GA. DOWN STREAM FROM THIS LEAK?
which is where much of the syrups for Coco Cola products would be made or the equipment cleaned with?
which would mean such a waste leak could not only in Atlanta but in a can of coke?
I am not making any statement  here it is just a question I am throwing out there  maybe someone knows more about this. if the above is the case should we continue to drink coke coke this waste be in a can of coke we would drink here in michigan?
Is there a good group in south carolina or Ga. that is working on this issue?

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