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....another case of 1970's and 1980's bad enforcement
of water/waste/groundwater requirements becoming 1990's and 00's
superfund problem and drag on the taxpayers.

What will bad enforcement in the '90s and 00's bring
in 10's??



CONTACT:(EPA) Mick Hans, (312) 353-5050
         (EPA) Cheryl Allen, (312) 353-6196
         (MDEQ) Sunny Krajcovic, (517) 241-8857

For Immediate Release

Peerless Plating Superfund Cleanup effective to date, monitoring to

CHICAGO (July 12, 2004) — U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 5
and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality demonstrated the ongoing
effectiveness of the cleanup at the Peerless Plating Superfund site in
Muskegon, Mich., today at a tour for local officials and media.

The cleanup at Peerless Plating, located at 2554 Getty St., in Muskegon,
was completed in April 2002.  The project has since shifted into what’s
called the “operation and maintenance” phase, which includes an extensive
system to pump out and treat contaminated ground water.  The treated water
is then released into Little Black Creek.  Treated water samples are
collected and analyzed weekly.  The pump-and-treat facility is staffed

Recently, questions have been raised about elevated cadmium concentrations
in Little Black Creek, which flows into Mona Lake.  Cadmium is a heavy
metal that may cause cancer in humans.  Both agencies believe that there
is no evidence of any recent cadmium contamination moving from the
Peerless site to the creek.  While there has been cadmium in Little Black
Creek sediment for a number of years, it is not affecting the stream’s
ecosystem, which otherwise appears to be improving.
Under the federal Superfund law, EPA must formally review the site every
five years.  The first such review was completed in September 2002, when
investigators found the pump-and-treat system to be working properly.


Peerless Plating was an electroplating business from 1937 to 1983.
Throughout this time, hazardous waste from the facility was stored in
holding ponds known as waste lagoons.  However, the waste in these lagoons
seeped into Little Black Creek.  Some waste was also intentionally
discharged into the creek.  In 1972, the Michigan Water Quality Commission
required Peerless Plating to install a treatment system, but the company
failed to comply.  The state issued violation notices and filed suit
against Peerless for environmental contamination.

In 1977, high concentrations of heavy metals were found in Little Black
Creek.  The waste from Peerless Plating was found to be one of the primary
sources.   In 1980, the lagoons were dug up, filled in and capped.  Three
years later, the company declared bankruptcy and the facility was closed.
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