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E-M:/ Early Cervid Audits Find Non-Compliance

 This is from the MUCC Policy Report of July 15, 2004 by Donna Stine


Early Cervid Audits Find Non-Compliance In a report to the Natural Resources Commission at their July meeting, Al Marble, Acting Chief of DNR Law Enforcement Division indicated that the DNR wildlife biologist and conservation officers conducting the audit on captive cervid farms have thus far found that one-third of the privately owned deer farms in Michigan are in non-compliance with the required state practices to reduce the risk of importing chronic wasting disease (CWD) into Michigan.

Marble said that the DNR has audited 78 of the 532 deer farms in the state and 65 percent are in compliance. Marble said most of the violations center around record keeping and fencing requirements.  The fencing violations have to do with the height of the fences and sizes of holes in the fencing, which could allow the deer to escape.

Earlier this year Gov. Jennifer Granholm, under executive order, transferred the auditing of deer and elk farms in the state from the Department of Agriculture to the Department of Natural Resources because Agriculture did not have the funds and staff necessary to complete the audit. MUCC was extensively involved in ensuring implementation of the Executive Order. 

Marble said he expects the DNR to complete the audit by Sept. 30. If the audit finds no indication of CWD among the captive herds, Granholm has pledged to move the program back to Agriculture


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