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E-M:/ Dioxin Editorial BC Times

Bay City Times

Latest dioxin study helps build big picture

A recent study of dioxin found in wild game has Dow Chemical Co. crowing. Environmentalists, though, are grousing.



The public would be much better served, not to mention public health protection, if the media would do a little investigation before op-ed pieces  or news stories are published. Dow's press release on their wildgame studies is not an accurate reflection of the data. The hard data was not released with the press release because it was contrary to the "spin" in the press release. Needless to say the media bought the spin and once again acted as a conduit for Dow's misinformation campaign.  

The press release in no way reflects the high levels of dioxin found in these floodplain animals. The press release diluted the numbers by averaging the data south of Midland but the hard data which appeared later on Dow's website seems to confirm that dioxin in the floodplain soils is bioavailable to the game animals at very high levels in many cases. Federal guidance is less than .50 ppt TEQ.  Many game samples were found to have numbers from 9ppt to 247ppt TEQ.  Headlines and news stories accomplished what Dow wanted with their diluted averages and left the public with the impression that these game animals were no more harmful than supermarket chicken. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You can find Dow's study at http://www.dow.com/facilities/namerica/michigan/dioxin/work/wildgame.htm.

Michelle Hurd Riddick

Lone Tree Council