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Enviro-Mich message from "Chris Grubb" <chrisgrubb@watershedcouncil.org>

A letter to the editor in today's Free Press from Sen. Patty Birkholz
and Rep. David Palsrok accuses the governor of playing political games
with the state's groundwater. The letter was originally an "open letter"
to the Governor...
"We also question why there is such an urgency to implement new water
diversion policies when federal law gives each state governor a
unilateral veto over any proposed diversion. Gov. John Engler exercised
this veto authority in the past and it remains the single most important
authority Michigan has to protect our Great Lakes."
Much of the letter is debatable, but as for the urgency question:
besides the fact that we're approaching 20 years after originally
promising to regulate groundwater withdrawals, and that we're the only
GL state that hasn't fulfilled this promise, is it not true that the
current system of veto power by any of the 8 gov's is probably
vulnerable to a lawsuit under NAFTA or other trade agreements, hence the
need for Annex? 
MEC's Dave Dempsey shared some thoughts on his website:
www.davedempsey.org/davesblog <http://www.davedempsey.org/davesblog> 
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