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E-M:/ Beachcombing, bottled water, and better toilets

Enviro-Mich message from "Jim Dulzo" <jimdulzo@mlui.org>

Dear Enviro-Michers,

The Michigan Land Use Institute has recently posted two stories on our Web
site about the Great Lakes that we thought you might be very interested in.

Journalist Jess Piskor closely examines a recent, controversial court
decision that, unless reversed, could severely restrict Great Lakes
beachcombing. Jess recounts the legal history behind the decision and
reports that it is already making waves in Ohio, where another
anti-beachcombing suit is headed to court and environmentalists are teaming
up with conservation and hunting organizations to fight back. For more,


And Institute water expert Andy Guy reports on a major proposal concerning
Great Lakes water diversion. Andy writes that the new proposal, just
released by the eight Great Lakes governors, offers a huge choice: Will we
use the Great Lakes merely to attract more water-bottling companies? Or will
we use them instead to attract innovators intent on developing new,
job-intensive, water-saving technologies? His article is here:


A big thanks to those who helped spread the word on the new position that’s
opened at the Institute. We’ve received a huge number of applications and
are sorting through them now. Our goal is to hire someone in September.
Applications are now closed.

Here’s wishing you some sand in your toenails. And if you are anywhere near
a Great Lake, do send it some love today. Please know that we are working
hard alongside many dedicated people and organizations around the state to
defend those precious blue-water jewels, as well as our cherished tradition
of wandering its magnificent shores.

Yours truly, Jim Dulzo, managing editor.

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