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E-M:/ News Advisory on Friday's Bush Visit


News Advisory              

For Friday. July 30

Contact:          Kym Spring, Clean Water Action (616) 742-4084
                        Jan O’Connell, Sierra Club
(616) 956-6646
                         Cyndi Roper, Clean Water Action
(517) 490-1394  (cell)


Grand River Flotilla to Carry

Message Friday to President Bush:

West Michigan Families Want Clean Water

On Friday, July 30 at 9:00am at Riverside Park in Grand Rapids at BOAT LAUNCH #2,  Clean Water Action, Michigan Sierra Club members and community supporters will hold a rally and river flotilla (canoes, kayaks) to protest the Bush Administration’s policies on water and the environment. The Grand River, which is listed as an “impaired waterway” by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, flows through downtown Grand Rapids where President Bush will be speaking.

 Who:              Clean Water Action, Sierra Club

Riverside Park in Grand Rapids, at BOAT LAUNCH #2

When:            9:00 am


Visuals:         Protesters in kayaks, canoes in the Grand River and on shore with rally signs.

Story: Right now up to 50 billion gallons of poorly treated sewage is dumped Into Michigan’s lakes, streams and rivers each year.  Experts estimate that nearly 8 million Americans get sick every year from swimming in or drinking polluted waters.  This already poor record is getting worse under a Bush Administration policy that allows sewage treatment facilities to discharge a mixture of largely untreated sewage with treated sewage when it rains. 

 This is more bad news for the Grand River, the Great Lakes and other rivers and streams.  Instead of helping our communities fix their sewer systems, the Bush policy proposes removing the requirement for communities to eliminate their sewer overflow problems.  While Grand Rapids has completed over 95% of a project to improve our water infrastructure, many other upstream communities have yet to address their sewage overflow problems and the impacts are felt downstream.


David Holtz
Michigan Director
Clean Water Action
517-203-0754 East Lansing
313-300-4454 cell