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Re: E-M:/ Environmental trailblazers and champions

Title: Re: E-M:/ Environmental trailblazers and champions
Not to be too dark, but I am inclined to add as environmental heroes the following:

                Ken Saaro Wiwa
                Chico Mendes
                Fernando Pereira
                Guy Bradley
                Karen Silkwood

All assassinated for their defense of the environment.  No doubt there are many others of equal heroism who could be added.

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Subject: E-M:/ Environmental trailblazers and champions

The following link lists -  Environmental trailblazers and champions.  
The folks listed have all had a significant impact and many are related to sustainability issues - Wege, McDonough, Paul Hawkins, Ray Anderson, John Elkington, etc.  There are some interesting surprises.
(Thanks to Lisa Locke of WMEAC and Dave Rinard of Steelcase for the info.)
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