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E-M:/ Sierra Club Applauds Introduction of Ford's Hybrid Escape

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         Sierra Club Applauds Introduction of Ford's Hybrid Escape
 Statement by David Hamilton, Director, Global Warming and Energy
                                Sierra Club

"Today is a great day for the environment, American workers, and Ford.
hybrid Escape is a rolling advertisement for better technology and a
cleaner environment.  Ford has shown that the technology exists to make
vehicle, including an SUV, go farther on a gallon of gas.  We look
to helping build demand for these vehicles and encourage Ford to put
gas-saving technology to work in all of their vehicles.

"The demand for hybrid vehicles already on the market has outpaced early
predictions.  We expect that the demand for Ford's hybrid Escape will be
strong, and quickly exceed the initial production of 20,000 vehicles.
Other hybrid vehicle models currently being sold are experiencing up to
12-month waiting lists.  We hope that Ford will seize this opportunity
aggressively market the hybrid Escape, take a technology lead by
more hybrid models, and go from worst to first among U.S. manufacturers
fleet fuel economy.

"Hybrid vehicles have comparable power, comfort and reliability to
conventional vehicles - and can go 75 percent further on a gallon of
Making our cars, trucks, and SUVs go farther on a gallon of gas is the
biggest single step we can take to curb global warming, cut America's
dependence, and save consumer's money at the gas pump.  The technology
exists today to make all vehicles average 40 miles per gallon within ten
years.  Taking this step would save more oil than the United States
currently imports from the entire Persian Gulf or could ever take out of
the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, combined.

"Both the causes and solutions to global warming are intimately tied to
economy, our security, and the prosperity of American workers.  This
introduction of the Escape shows that America's automakers can make
cleaner, better vehicles here in the U.S. with American labor. There is
much left to do, and the Sierra Club looks forward to continued
efforts with the UAW to move our nation toward a less-polluting, more
efficient auto fleet."

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