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RE: E-M:/ Sibley Prairie AT RISK!

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As Township Clerk, I know that if a notice is supposed to run and doesn't, we would have to reschedule the public hearing and publish a notice properly in order to comply with State Law.  I would think that would apply to other units of government such as the DEQ.
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Last night's meeting was more of a Fritz Love-Fest than a public hearing because the general public
was not present, largely due to the fact that THE NEWS HERALD DID NOT RUN THE PUBLIC NOTICE ON JULY 21 even though the DEQ submitted the notice and requested that it run on that date. Isn't the local press required to carry out this function?
The comment period needs to be extended beyond August 15.
The room was packed with supporters of the Fritz family, which is understandable due to their influence and powerThe room was packed with supporters of the Fritz family, which is understandable due to their influence and power. However, the problem here is that while the Fritz family has many fans in the community, the builder, Builtmore, has control is going to do the work. Further, oversight of the project is going to fall directly on the DEQ. The public cannot watchdog the area because there is a six foot barbed wire fence surrounding the property and there are guards. How can we be assured that the plans will be followed?
The township doesn't care how much the grade is raised between developments and adjoining property as was demonstrated by a letter read concerning a resident on Sibley Road where the adjoining property belongs to a tree cutting company. They not only raised the grade several feet with blue clay, but they clearcut land that didn't belong to them without permits and the township's police department and building manager defended them against the resident. The resident continues to be harassed by this company. This tree cutting company supposedly will do the clearcutting for the Fritz/Builtmore development.
Additionally, how can we be assured that as residents occupy the proposed development that they won't toss their yard waste into the wetlands and prairie, especially things like hay bales which will resprout and spread field grass? How can we be assured that they won't mow into the prairie and
clearcut the trees? How can we be assured that lawn chemicals won't leach into the wetlands causing utrophication?
Please send your comments to:
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