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E-M:/ EPA to step in on dioxin controversy - Midland Daily News

Title: EPA to step in on dioxin controversy - Midland Daily N
EPA to step in on dioxin controversy

Kathie Marchlewski , Midland Daily News  08/10/2004


    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency may take a more active role in
cleanup of dioxin along the Tittabawassee River. The federal agency has
reanalyzed risks to people who eat fish from the river, and may be planning
to become more involved in the dioxin problem.
    "In spite of active involvement by the EPA in the 1980s to reduce dioxin
emissions from Dow Chemical, it is clear that the persistent, un-addressed
dioxin problem exists," states a report by J. Milton Clark, health and
science adviser for the EPA's Superfund Division. "It is clear that
significant risks to public health still remain."
    The EPA has determined that cancer risks for people consuming fish from
the river are 10 to 100 times the criteria set by the state and by the U.S.
government. Clark said the agency needs to work with the Michigan Department
of Environmental Quality and Michigan Department of Community Health to
reenforce risks to public health and wildlife. "There is particular concern
regarding distortions of risk information which are causing inaccurate risk
messages to the public," Clark said.