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News from East Michigan Chapter of the Air and Waste
Management Association....Note the possibility of bringing
the AWMA international conference to Detroit....


East Michigan Chapter AWMA Update

August 19, 2004

2009 Annual Conference and Exhibition
The East Michigan Chapter just received a request to "bid" for the 2009 Annual Conference and Exhibition. This is a great opportunity for the Detroit Area as well as the East Michigan Chapter. Part of the "intent" package that is due to the International AWMA by September 15, 2004, is a listing of POTENTIAL Sponsors for the conference as well as the interest in the East Michigan Chapter Membership in attending a conference in Detroit. The East Michigan Chapter is requesting that its Membership, existing Chapter Sponsors, and past Chapter Sponsors join us in convincing the International AWMA to bring this Convention of Environmental Professionals to Detroit. Please send an e-mail (jbaguzis@ford.com <mailto:jbaguzis@ford.com>) or a letter to the attention of John Baguzis stating your Company/Organization's interest in potentially sponsoring this Convention or sending your environmental professionals to this event. There is also ample opportunity for Companies/Organizations to be involved in hosting "outings" to see the various sites and attractions in Detroit; both environmental and entertainment. Any letters should be addressed to:

John Baguzis
3 Parklane Boulevard ~ Suite 950 Parklane Towers West
Dearborn, Michigan 48126

John can be reached by phone with any questions (or at the e-mail noted above) at 313-845-1920.

Examples of Sponsorship Packages, benefits, advertising opportunities and costs from this year's conference in Indianapolis can be found at: <http://www.awma.org/ACE2004/Sponsorship/Final%20sponsor%20prosp.pdf>

The Detroit Area Convention and Visitors Bureau is already working on the package with the East Michigan Chapter and are in the process of getting some letters of support from some governmental dignitaries.

We are on an extremely tight time schedule, so we request that these letters and e-mails be in no later than September 7, 2004. Your timely support in this effort is greatly appreciated.

Chapter Sponsors for 2004-2005

We would like to extend a special Thank You to the Companies who have already responded to our 2004-2005 East Michigan Chapter Sponsorship Drive. We will be contacting more potential sponsors shortly as our Sponsorship Drive Continues. The Companies who have signed up as 2004-2005 Chapter Sponsors are as follows:

Consumers Energy

Environmental Consulting Technology (ECT,Inc.)
Dickinson Wright PLLC
Ford Motor Company

Varnum Riddering

Please see "Sponsorship Update" for information regarding how to become a Chapter Sponsor as well as how these monies donated by these companies assist the chapter and our community.

Save the Dates:

August 25, 2004 (2pm to 3pm)~ The International AWMA is sponsoring an Audio + Web Conference entitled  "The New Ozone 8-Hour Standard: What It Means for Industry and the Private Sector", featuring Tom Helms, Group Leader, U.S. EPA's Ozone Strategies and Policies Group. For more information and ordering, please see <http://www.awma.org/events/WebConfs/Ozone.asp>.

August 26, 2004 ~ Next East Michigan Chapter Board Meeting. Any questions, please contact any member of the Board. Our leadership list can be found at

November 30, 2004 ~ The Annual Fall Conference will be held at the Lansing Center in Lansing, Michigan. This conference is sponsored by the East and West Michigan Chapters. These joint conferences, in particular, are well attended and offer a wonderful opportunity for industry, regulators, and the public to interact with our counterparts from West part of our State.

"Update" Article Submissions

From time to time in this spot we will be offering some free advice/education from our members and sponsors of the East Michigan Chapter. If you have an article that you would like to share, please forward it to jbaguzis@ford.com <mailto:jbaguzis@ford.com>. The general rules are: 1) it must be of general interest to our membership; 2) we request that "sales pitches" are kept to a minimum; 3) it is in Microsoft Word; and 4) manage the size of the file so it will not clog up the "in trays" of our members because it is an e-mail publication!

Sponsorship Update

As always, the Chapter is heavily reliant on its sponsors to continue the work that it does. Unfortunately, we have had a decrease in the number of Chapter Sponsors in the last year, and we are concerned that some of the excellent work we do with the students in the State may be at risk. The Chapter has very successfully encouraged student interest in the environmental field through active participation in judging and awards and by financial support of science fair programs <http://www.emawma.org/science.html>. The Chapter also provides 2-3 scholarships per year to college students as well as providing support to student chapters at our major Universities, and has initiated a "Teacher Training" program to provide national AWMA environmental materials to K-12 teachers through Chapter volunteers. Corporate participation and financial support of these activities are essential ingredients to the Chapter's continued success. For more information, please see: <http://www.emawma.org/sponsor.html>

Golf Outing Update
As always, the Chapter Outing was a fantastic success. 30 Players enjoyed a day in the sun and professional camaraderie on the golf course at Reddeman Farms in Chelsea. The Chapter would like to recognize Mr. Lou Pocalujka and Mr. Dave Yanochko who organized this event once again. The Chapter would also like to thank our friends at ECT Consulting, EQ-The Environmental Quality Company, GZA Environmental, NTH Consulting, and Wayne State University for their donations of prizes for the participants. The entry fees by the participants and these donations paid for the entire golf outing.

Membership Update

We appreciate and depend upon the participation of our members and non-members in all our Chapter Activities. If you are reading this and are not a Member of the International AWMA or even the East Michigan Chapter AWMA, please consider becoming a member. When you become an International Member you can chose to become an East Michigan Chapter Member. With International Membership, you will receive a subscription to one of two environmental magazines. Additionally, you get access to job search functions, discounts to International Conferences and Educational Workshops, etc. The East Michigan Chapter presently has 151 International Members and a mailing list of over 1500 environmental professionals.

The International Chapter presently has a "discount" program for potential new International Members or for those who have not been members for over a year. To sign up via this program, please call 1-800-270-3444. The program expired December 31.

For more information on International Membership and all of its benefits, please refer to their website at
<http://www.awma.org/>. For more information on Chapter Membership, please see our website at <http://www.emawma.org/member.html>

Alex J. Sagady & Associates        http://www.sagady.com

Environmental Enforcement, Permit/Technical Review, Public Policy,
Evidence Review and Litigation Investigation on Air, Water and
Waste/Community Environmental and Resource Protection
Prospectus at:  http://www.sagady.com/sagady.pdf

PO Box 39,  East Lansing, MI  48826-0039 
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