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E-M:/ Message from Sierra Club's Carl Pope

Dear Sierra Club Member,

The difference between a pro-environment Congress and four more years of polluter control of Washington is in your hands.

All that we care about is at stake in this election -- your vote this November has never been more vitally important. And we need thousands more like you.

We are calling on all committed environmentalists -- folks like yourself, who know how much is at stake -- to rally to the cause, by supporting the Sierra Club Political Committee.

You can rush your donation to the front lines this minute using our secure donations page here.

Anti-environmental special interest contributors are flooding candidates and polluter PACs with cash. Developers, logging operations, Big Oil and other anti-environment interests are willing to funnel as much money as it will take to try and help their friends this November.

We have set an emergency goal of $50,000 in donations to be raised by Labor Day. These contributions will go to support pro-conservation candidates and implement crucial "get-out-the-vote" and other election-related activities. Without an emergency influx of cash, key environmental wins this November could slip away.

I have sent you a postal letter laying out our plans in greater detail. Please watch for it. Meanwhile, I wanted to send you this email to give you some highlights of the situation.

There has never been a time when your action was needed more -- the future of our environment depends on changing the leadership in Washington this year.

In the past, you’ve generously contributed to our political efforts. Your donations have made a difference, and I thank you for it. Quite frankly, not everyone understands the stakes this year and is willing to make a personal financial commitment. As one of those rare individuals, you are critical to our plans to wrest control of the House and Senate from anti-conservation hands.

Of course, we can never hope to match the tens of millions of dollars that the industrial special interests are throwing to their candidates. But with strategic targeting of our resources we can -- and we will -- make a difference.

We’ve used this strategy in the past, and it has worked. During the 2002 election cycle, we won 81% of the races in which we made contributions to particular candidates. The Sierra Club Political Committee made 216 House and Senate endorsements, reached 1.7 million voters and sent 35 staff members to work on campaigns.

This year, if we have your support, we will increase our efforts and reach even more voters. We will work to elect pro-environmental candidates by going door-to-door and talking to the people about what’s at stake.

Election Day will soon be here. And for your support to have its maximum effect, we need to hear back from you very soon.


Carl Pope
Executive Director
P.S. Please send your support right away. Your money will be put to immediate and effective use in our battle to gain the ground we urgently need in Congress. Our Web page is completely safe and secure.

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