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E-M:/ FW: New permitting programs- air and business

Title: New permitting programs

Michigan:  FYI, from the Governor’s office.


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Subject: New permitting programs


Granholm Showcases Trailblazing Permitting Programs
MiTAPS, PLEDGE Streamline Business and Air Quality Permitting

LANSING – Governor Jennifer M. Granholm today showcased Michigan’s new online permitting programs that are cutting red tape and helping Michigan businesses process and receive state permits in record time.  Joining the Governor for today’s event were Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Director Steve Chester, Department of Information Technology (DIT) Director Teri Takai, and Department of Labor and Economic Growth (DLEG) Director David C. Hollister.

“These first of a kind, streamlined permitting programs are helping to grow Michigan’s economy by removing barriers that businesses face when they do business with the State,” said Granholm.  “Both MiTAPS and PLEDGE allow us to create a better business environment in Michigan – encouraging the retention of existing jobs and the creation of new ones.”

The Michigan Timely Application & Permit Service (MiTAPS) is a web-based, one-stop shop open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for businesses to apply for a host of permits from State agencies.

Promoting Leadership in Environmental Decision-making to Grow our Economy (PLEDGE) is a two-year pilot program designed to ensure timely issuance of environmentally sound air quality permits for major manufacturing facilities.  Up to five projects per year will be considered eligible for PLEDGE, and participation requires a commitment by the DEQ and the applicant to participate in a cooperative, transparent manner.

The benefits of PLEDGE include the use of project teams to insure prompt review and turn around time, early involvement, and education of the public.  Many businesses will receive permits in less than 100 days, in comparison to the 18 months it has taken in the past.

The three department directors, Chester, Takai, and Hollister, stressed that close cooperation between State agencies and hard work by a number of committed State employees enabled Michigan to develop these programs in record time.  It took just over six months for Michigan to streamline and consolidate the permitting process across all areas of State government.

“We rolled out the MiTAPS pilot application in June, and we are now operational, ready for business, so that Michigan businesses and citizens can reap the benefits,” said Takai.

According to Chester, these programs are a key part of Michigan’s quest to have both a healthy environment and a healthy economy.  “MiTAPS ensures that businesses know from the outset what permits they will need from the State, while the PLEDGE pilot program will help us ensure timely and environmentally sound air quality permits for major manufacturing facilities in Michigan,” said Chester.

Currently, MiTAPS offers three DEQ web-based, interactive permits and has links to 32 others from DLEG and DEQ.  Another 10 permits are scheduled to come online in September, including seven DEQ permits and three DLEG permits.  Ultimately, up to 150 permits and features will be available through the MiTAPS program.

DLEG Director Dave Hollister pointed out that MiTAPS benefits a wide range of customers including municipalities, businesses, construction trades, and consumers.

“Government shouldn’t be a barrier to business development in Michigan,” Hollister said.  “MiTAPS will allow us to fulfill our role in creating a better business environment in Michigan, encourage the retention of existing jobs, and foster the creation of new jobs as well.” 

Since its silent launch earlier this summer, there have been more than 19,000 hits to the www.michigan.gov/mitaps website, including 90 registered users and more than 2,300 visits to the Apply for Permits section of the website.

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