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Re: E-M:/ Turkey farmers seek state funding to convert waste into 'green' power

Enviro-Mich message from "Alexander J. Sagady" <ajs@sagady.com>

This looks to me like more taxpayer financed welfare for big agriculture.

Also, calling turkey waste litter combustion "green energy" is a
stretch since the nitrogen content of this fuel makes it
unattractive from an air pollution standpoint.   The higher
"fuel nitrogen" content would make this process produce more
nitrogen oxide per BTU equivalent waste burned than burning
something like natural gas.

Although combustion of turkey waste produces a cross-media
transfer of nitrogen from animal solid waste to NOX air pollution,
there is no combustion-related volatile gas analogue for phosphorus.   This 
that the resulting ash from turkey waste combustion will
still contain a lot of phosphorus which must be disposed......

While the volume of the ash would be significantly reduced
it still must be disposed.   Given the widespread use of
arsenical compounds in feed in the poultry industry, virtually
all of the arsenic excreted by the chickens and turkeys will
be contained in this waste.   This would probably not cause
a toxic arsenic air pollution problem, but the arsenic would
reside in the waste from the turkey litter combustion.

So you didn't know that poultry in factory farm agriculture were
arsenicals?   See:   http://va.water.usgs.gov/GLOBAL/Abst/hancock_setac_00.htm

So called turkey CAFO "farmers" in western Michigan calling this "green
energy" and wanting public subsidies have been mainlining
agricultural subsidies too long and must feel they are entitled to
public taxdollars.   Let's hope that gullible politicians in the state
legislature don't roll over for this subsidy.

....it all sounds really "retro" to me     [See  http://www.retrovsmetro.org  ]

At 11:42 AM 09/08/2004, you wrote:

>farmers seek state funding to convert waste into 'green' power
>OTTAWA COUNTY -- An idea to burn turkey droppings to generate electricity 
>in Ottawa County will not fly without state financial efforts to promote 
>"green" power.

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