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E-M:/ Kerry dumps on Canada's trach to MI

from CBC News Online staff. . . .

Kerry dumps on Canada's trash
Last Updated Wed, 08 Sep 2004 09:18:12 EDT
WASHINGTON - Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry said he would
immediately ban the hauling of Canadian trash into Michigan if he wins the

"It's time to end Canadian trash dumping in Michigan," Kerry said in a news
release. "[President] George W. Bush has let Michigan become Canada's

The state gets about 180 truckloads of garbage each day from Canada. Toronto
started sending its trash to Michigan in January 2003.

Kerry said he wouldn't allow further shipments until the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency starts enforcing a treaty that requires Canada to notify
it of each waste shipment.

Under the treaty, the U.S. environmental agency can reject shipments for
health or environmental reasons. But Mike Leavitt, an administrator with the
agency, said the treaty only applies to hazardous waste and that Congress
needs to expand the agency's authority if it wants to limit the
transportation of trash.

Michigan is considered a swing state in the November election. Many state
residents are opposed to the dumping of garbage from Canada and other U.S.

Jane Pitfield, chair of Toronto's works committee, accused Kerry of playing

"It's a cheap shot and I hope it costs him," she said. "A threat like this
accomplishes nothing."

Written by CBC News Online staff