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The Lack of Progress on Midland Dioxin Sampling and Cleanup in the Tittabawassee Floodplain Prompt Public Appeal




Citizens and local environmental groups have had it.  Summer has come and gone and the state’s worst site of contamination has once again not been addressed. Local environmental groups and concerned citizens have decided to launch public campaigns that will: 1.Increase awareness of the contamination 2. Expose Dow Chemical disregard for public health 3. Confront the failure of the State to respond in a timely manner to this contamination.  The groups are asking citizens of this watershed to lend their voices to the campaign and their hearts to this great Saginaw Bay Watershed.


“We live in the largest watershed in Michigan and it is being endangered by the failure of the Dow Chemical Company to address its dioxin contamination,” noted, Mary Jo Bean .  “Dow has been able to distort studies, delay testing and impede progress without any consequence from the regulatory agencies. Dow still continues to downplay the danger of dioxin exposure, seemingly in an attempt to forever avoid cleanup.”    


“Years of futile negotiations with Dow Chemical over their dioxin contamination of the Saginaw Bay Watershed has been at the expense of public health, the taxpayers and impaired natural resources.

How much longer will the state negotiate with Dow Chemical?” asked, Michelle Hurd Riddick of the Lone Tree Council.  “When will public health and the resources entrusted to the state be given the preferential treatment and deference afforded Dow Chemical all these years? “


The campaign  fire will be stoked by newspaper ads, radio spots, yard signs, and tee-shirts.


 “If it sounds like a political campaign, well, it is – with the war,  presidential election, bad economy, people have drifted from immediate concerns, poisons in their backyard – that has to change,” said John Witucki from Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination (CACC) one of the sponsors of the campaign. 


And it isn’t only advocacy groups, citizens skeptical of Dow paid for studies and Dow fabricating assurances of wildlife safety are simply not buying it, wondering aloud where the state is?

 “There is no way I would eat fish or game from the Tittabawassee area, it’s got to be bad for anyone who eats it.  Bad for us and bad for our kids.  The state’s just going to have to do better at protecting these lakes and rivers,” said Larry Haggerty, Saginaw Township, avid fisherman and hunter.


As the Campaign makes clear, Dow’s failure to address its contamination, and the state’s apparent reluctance to force the issue, has consequences watershed wide.


“The highly contaminated sediments of the Tittabawassee River will continue to contaminate the Saginaw River for years to come.  It will only end when the Tittabawassee River is cleaned up.  This contamination is making neighbors of everyone in this watershed.  Why isn’t Dow Chemical at the public table discussing how they are going to remedy the situation they created, “said Sue Roller Cameron, Zilwaukee Township, Citizens Against Toxic Substances (CATS).


The group’s first ad will appear Sunday in the Saginaw News and will appeal to citizens to volunteer, host a yard sign, sign a public ad, donate -- all efforts designed to pressure Dow and the state to move to address the serious health and property issues posed by its dioxin contamination.


The citizens are calling on the state to enforce the MNREPA and cease the closed door negotiations with Dow Chemical. “All stakeholders benefit from the light of day shining on this process”, said Terry Miller, Chair of the Lone Tree Council.  Dow Chemical is not the only stakeholder on this issue. From day one the venues for public participation have been highly controlled and manipulated. “



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