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Hello once again,
Here is just another example of what the environmental community and historic preservationists can support together. These natural and cultural landscapes, along with artifacts such as barns or buildings are representitive of Michigan's past and present.
By working together we can protect these Michigan treasures for the future. Let's make "ALL" of Michigan "COOL".
Rick Kuss
Preserve Michigan
Enviro-Mich message from "Dave Dempsey" <davemec@voyager.net>


Ralph Grossi, President of American Farmland Trust (AFT) will speak on
the value of farmland preservation at 7 pm on September 26 at the Elk
Rapids Governmental Center. This will be a major event leading up to a
Purchase of Development Rights (PDR) millage vote in five northern
Michigan townships including: Elk Rapids, Milton, Torch Lake, Acme and
Whitewater. If the vote is successful on November 2nd, the millage has
the potential to save 25,000 acres of land, protect scenic views and
water quality as well as maintain rural character in these townships.
The effort spans both Antrim and Grand Traverse Counties and would be
the only bi-county PDR effort in the United States.

Michigan is currently losing around 5 acres of farmland and open space
every hour to urban sprawl. Recent studies have indicated if current
land use trends continue Michigan will lose about 25% of its orchard
land. The five northern Michigan townships are trying to buck this
trend. Contact Wayne Kladder at 231-938-2510 for more information.