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E-M:/ Fwd: Canadian Trash Update

I received this saturday evening and havn't seen a topic on it so..... fyi....

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Dear Jaimeson,

Knowing of your interest in stopping the dumping of Canadian 
trash in Michigan landfills, I want to update you on the latest 
developments regarding this issue. 
Toronto has a "Plan B" so why don't they use it!
Last week, we learned about a shocking admission by Toronto 
Mayor David Miller.  In his comments to reporters about Canadian 
trash, Mayor Miller stated, "There is a plan B.  The (waste hauling) 
company is obliged to find us alternative landfills.  They have 
commercial arrangements with other landfill operators." 

This is the first time the City of Toronto has admitted that they 
have always had alternative agreements with other landfills to 
dispose of their trash.  Unfortunately, because of the EPA's 
inaction on stopping Canadian trash, Toronto has never been 
forced to switch their trash disposal to these non-Michigan 
landfills.  I have sent a letter to EPA Administrator Mike Leavitt 
expressing our great frustration and once again asking the EPA to 
stop the Canadian trash shipments and force Toronto to send their 
trash to these other landfills.  
Michigan trash petitions force EPA to announce a pilot program, 
but proposal falls short.
As you may know, more than 165,000 people signed my on-line 
petition urging the EPA to stop Canadian trash shipments by 
enforcing an existing treaty with Canada called the Agreement 
Concerning the Transboundary Movement of Hazardous Waste.  
Residents from all 83 Michigan counties have signed the petition - 
an unprecedented response.  
I personally presented these petitions to EPA Administrator Leavitt 
during an October 1, 2003 meeting, and he promised to examine 
the issue.  In response, the EPA recently announced a "pilot 
program" to implement this treaty.  
Unfortunately, the EPA pilot program falls far short and will do 
nothing to stop the Canadian trash shipments.  The proposed 
program would not begin until February 2005 and would be 
completely voluntary, without any penalties or incentives to 
encourage Canadian trash companies to participate.  In addition, 
the objections under the pilot program would be "non-binding."  
So even if the EPA were to object to a shipment, that wouldn't stop 
the trash shipment from coming into Michigan.  
I will not stop fighting until the EPA agrees to stop these Canadian 
trash shipments from coming into Michigan.  Thank you for your 
continued diligence on this important issue threatening our 
beautiful state.

Debbie Stabenow
United States Senator

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