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E-M:/ Michigan Environmental Council Capitol Update - 9/20/04

Legislation to Restrict Billboards Receives a Hearing Tuesday - see below

Legislation to Remove Sunset on Underground Storage Tank Fee Stalls in the Senate - HB 6074 is still pending before the Senate Appropriation Committee despite funding from it being included in the recently passed MDEQ budget for FY 2004-05 - the bill was removed from the calendar last week.



HB 5118 - A bill to create a childhood lead poisoning prevention and control commission

In committee:

Natural Resources & Environmental Affairs will meet on Tuesday (9/21) at 3:00 PM to take up

SB 1148 - Authorizes military personnel to obtain from Department of Natural Resources licensing agents free hunting and fishing licenses.

SB 1329 – A bill to allow the operation of snowmobiles on the right-of-way of limited access highways.

HB 5055 – A bill to restrict fees under certain circumstances under the soil erosion and sedimentation control.

HB 6047 – Clarifies certain compliances provisions with the joint planning process.

Discussion Topic: Land Division Act-Revising Platting Procedure

will meet on Tuesday (9/21) at 1:00 PM to take up:

SB 898 – A bill to create a billboard advisory council.  

SB 899 – A bill to increase billboard permit renewal fees.  

SB 900 - A bill to expand the logo signing program to promote businesses related to agriculture or tourism.

SB 901 – A bill to place a moratorium on the issuance of new billboard permits.



HB 5771
– A bill to increase and revise regulation of land disposal of septage.

HB 5772 – Amend sentencing guidelines for crime of knowingly making false report in domestic septage licensing application.

SB 757 - This bill places penalties on landlords that fail to remediate known lead paint hazards in rental units.

On the calendar:

SB 953 - State; funds; loans to certain farmers for qualified agricultural energy production; provide for.

SB 955 - Property tax; exemptions; methane digester and methane digester electric generating system; exempt.

SB 1279 - Provide for a check-off option on income taxes for the Michigan state park endowment fund.

SB 1280 – Create a citizens committee for Michigan state parks.

SB 1281 – Create a gem of the parks award and a state park volunteer of the year award.

HB 5441 – a bill to clarify when "feasible and prudent" alternatives should be considered to a project that will impact wetlands.  An amendment was added in committee regarding when the MDEQ must issue a permit that may jeopardize Michigan's delegation of the Clean Water Act - section 404 program. 

HB 4106
-- Provide for state real estate transfer tax on transfer of certain manufactured homes.

HB 4879 -- Provide for exemption from sales tax on used manufactured homes.

HB 4882 -- Eliminate use tax on manufactured home sales.

HB 5034 -- a bill to access mobile homes as real property (vote taken, insufficient votes, vote reconsidered and passed for the day - 8/4/04)

HB 4358 -- To increase the length limit for trucks to 65 feet.

SB 510 -- a bill to establish stormwater fees.

HB 5312 -- allows hunters to donate an additional $1.00 when purchasing hunting or fishing licensing to support the sportsmen against hunger program

SB 193 -- Provides for a  specialty license plates for ducks unlimited

In committee:

Conservation and Outdoor Recreation will meet on Wednesday (9/22) to take up:

HB 5989 - A bill to require the issuance of concealed pistol license renewal within certain period of time and eliminate requirement of fingerprints.

Great Lakes and Tourism
is scheduled to meet on Wednesday (9/22) at 9 am for a hearing on progress on the Great Lakes Compact.

Land Use and Environment will meet on Wednesday (9/22) at 8:30 AM to take up:

HB 6125 – A bill to provide an Income tax credit to homeowners who rent out housing accommodations above their garage under certain circumstances.

HB 6127  - A bill to create a historical neighborhood tax increment finance authority.

HB 6164, 6166, 6206  - Bills to allow a local units of governments to enter into contracts with a private developersand place restrictions on the rezoning of property. .

SB 1206 – A bill to revise the housing inspection ordinance provision with enterprise zones.

Submitted by:

James Clift
Brad Garmon
Michigan Environmental Council
119 Pere Marquette, Ste 2A
Lansing, MI 48912
(517) 487-9539