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E-M:/ Dearborn Air Pollution

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Dearborn Air Pollution

Today PM 2.5 is high at Salina School
in Dearborn....in the "unhealthy for sensitive groups"
at this school location.....today's worst PM 2.5 air quality
in Michigan.

At  2 PM, the Salina School site is at 42.6 micrograms/cubic meter
for a 24 hr average today.   This site is frequently the most PM 
2.5-contaminated site in the state.   There was a one hour spike of 94 
ug/cubic meter for  PM 2.5 about 9 AM this morning.

This site is in a largely Arab low income
neighborhood in Dearborn.

Although there were some doubts about typically high air quality monitoring 
results at this site through the summer because of construction of  an 
adjacent soccer field, I visited this site yesterday and the field appears 
complete and is mulched extensively with straw.

After visiting the site yesterday and observing conditions
in the area, it isn't hard to see what is causing high particulate
emissions at this school site location.   Within 1 mile to the
southwest of this site are two very significant emitters of particulate
matter....Rouge Steel and Cadillac Asphalt.   During site
observations yesterday, Rouge Steel was emitting heavy fugitive
emissions from metal forming building and from its iron
melting facilities.    Cadillac Asphalt was emitting what
appeared to be a great deal of condensible particulate

I have periodically watched the Rouge Steel facility over the years and
emissions there yesterday appeared to be the worse I've ever
seen in the last 15-20 years particularly from the metal
forming buildings.

Given emissions from Rouge Steel and Cadillac Asphalt yesterday,
local visibility was reduced and there was a large cloud of particulate
visible over the lower Detroit and Dearborn areas.

At the present time there are no outstanding notices of violation
that are issued by either U.S. EPA or Michigan DEQ
concerning Rouge Steel, notwithstanding their obvious
serious problems with fugitive particulate emissions
from several emission units at the site.   All of the
facilities in downriver Wayne County were long ago
supposed to have instituted tough fugitive emission
controls to deal with past particulate problems in the

Why does Rouge Steel now act as though these controls
don't apply?   Why has the Granholm Administration
not begun air enforcement actions on Rouge Steel through
the MDEQ Detroit District office?

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