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Re: E-M:/ No-growth movement fosters water panic

Enviro-Mich message from Frank Ambrose <snakeman1549@yahoo.com>

Its great that our Gov. has fought hard to keep the
unanimous aspect to the proposed permitting process
for Great Lakes withdrawls (the charter annex). I wish
she would listen to the attorney  general's opinion on
the matter and implement the existing law and require
review of the diversion going on in Stanwood rather
than fight for a redundant law that she wont enforce.
If her actions on the Nestle case are any indication,
we can hope for little more than the careful studying
of the most agregious withdrawl plans before they are


--- Jordan Lubetkin <Lubetkin@nwf.org> wrote:

> Folks,
> Re: "No-growth movement fosters water panic," in
> yesterday's Detroit
> News (9/22/04). 
> I'd like
> to correct an error, as pointed out by Noah Hall,
> who works on water-use
> issues in the National Wildlife Federation's Great
> Lakes office.  Thomas
> Bray writes that, in contrast to the exisiting
> policy, "Under the new
> agreement, only [the approval of] six of eight
> states would be needed to
> approve a diversion."  
> However, the proposed agreement clearly preserves
> the requirement of
> unanimous approval for diversions.  See Section 3.3
> (page 7) of the
> proposed interstate compact, available online at
> The approval of six states, or even seven, is
> insufficient if one of
> the eight states (Michigan, for example) rejects a
> diversion proposal. 
> This is no small matter, and Michigan's Governor has
> fought hard in
> negotiations with other states to preserve
> Michigan's ability to stop a
> bad diversion project.
> We have asked for a correction on the matter.
> Jordan F. Lubetkin
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> >>> <HAMILTREEF@aol.com> 9/22/2004 11:36:20 AM >>>
> Bray babble for the day,
> No-growth movement fosters water panic - 09/22/04
> The anti-sprawl movement has had trouble formulating
> the case for
> stiffer land-use controls. So now the no-growthers
> are vigorously
> lobbying for stiffer controls over water use  a
> backdoor means of
> blocking the development they hate.

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