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E-M:/ Compulsory draft is not a hoax

With all due respect to those who think this is a hoax....Look up the bill on the Library of Congress web site.  This issue won't be decided before the Presidential Election and the bill isn't dead until the end of the 108th Congress.  It is on the minds of both parties. 

If you read the newspapers, you'll note that we do not have enough people in the armed forces to adequately fill the needs that the military has right now.  They are calling up people to active duty status that thought they were in the clear, but a tiny little loop hole gets them back in and over to the desert.  Moreover, the Selective Service admits freely that they are gearing up to impliment the draft, including filling empty seats on draft boards across America.

The reason this legislation was introduced was to add a bit more equity to the burdon....If it isn't just poor kids....if it could be a member of anyone's family, would a politician make the same decision about going to war?  That is why Congressman Rangel introduced the bill, but I've also seen the "statements" of one side get picked up by the other side and be made law.  And again, the point is...who would use this natural resource, our young citizens, the wisest.

TWO articles follow.....


Agency initiates steps for selective draft

Congress shows little support for effort to draw skilled Americans
Saturday, March 13, 2004

"A Pentagon official familiar with personnel issues stressed that the armed forces are against any form of conscription but acknowledged that the groundwork is already under way at the Selective Service System."


Dem lawmakers split on military draft
By Mary Lynn F. Jones

The Hill
July 29, 2004

Democratic lawmakers were divided yesterday over whether the United States should reinstate the draft even as an adviser to Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) suggested increasing active-duty troops by 40,000.

Retired Gen. Wesley Clark, a former presidential hopeful who has now endorsed Kerry, warned that the volunteer-force concept is at “grave risk” and that the draft should be the last resort.

He said, “We better be thinking about the draft or have it as a fallback. We’ve got to be honest with the commitment that we’re faced with. We’ve got about two years to fix these [shortage] problems before the bill comes due.”