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E-M:/ Can I bring a guest ...

Janet and Sandy -

We are bringing on a new part time (for now) individual to staff our health related work. Tess Karwoski is a nurse with many years experience in direct care. She's an MPH student at UM (thus the part time nature of her work with us), a long time environmentalist and a very talented organizer. I think she'll be a real asset to us.

Would it be possible for her to attend the Princeton meeting? She could stay in my room if needed (or I could stay with friends and she could have my room if there's not two beds in it). I recall that there's no registration fee for the conference, only the room and board costs.

If you don't have this information, please let me know who we should contact to get it.

I think this would be a great way to bring her up to speed. I simply can't give this work the attention it deserves, if we had Tess engaged, we'd be able to contribute a great deal more.

What do you think?

Many thanks.


At 03:45 PM 09/23/2004 -0400, Sandra Haslam wrote:
Dear Janet, Lana and Maureen:
Thank you very much for making time in you VERY BUSY schedules to meet with Dr. Maull during her recent site visit.Your participation in the process was terrific and reflects very well on our Center.  I am truly grateful for all of your efforts and contributions to the progress and success of our Center.
Sandy Haslam

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