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E-M:/ NRA off the mark with pro-Bush ads

I'm in contact with several outdoor writers (hunters & fishers) that support the environment, hate polluters, and recognize fully the importance of clean water, clean air, protection of wetlands, and all things that the outdoor sports and environment depends on.  The outdoor writer conventions, state and national, have been completely hijacked by the radical NRA extremist using the gun issue to promote destruction of environment for their own selfish gun sales gain.  The outdoor writers are experiencing a split within their organizations with members dropping their trips to the conventions.  They take great risk to their writing careers for being honest.
The E-M network needs to know that there are many hunt/fish supporters of the environment that are mainstream, we work hard on our watershed projects to protect the environment, and we do not support the extremist of either the NRA or PETA organizations.  We simply love nature and only take from nature a small portion of what we eat as a renewable resource.  Tom Hamilton, USFW Fishery Biologist (retired)
ERIC SHARP: NRA off the mark with pro-Bush ads
The National Rifle Association is running TV ads promoting the re-election of President George W. Bush.