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Re: E-M:/ Former DNR director works for developer

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<< Big surprise.....what took him so long? >>

When K.L. Cool was the DNR Director, it appeared that he was already working 
for David Johnson.  The South Fox Island situation presented some clear 
opportunities to benefit the public but, instead, the DNR and Governor Engler put 
private interests ahead of the public interest.  The South Fox Island land swap 
should be remembered as the fiasco that it truly was.

It's unfortunate that today's Republican leadership is dominated by 
ideologues who put private inurement ahead of public benefit.  It wasn't always that 
way, witness the likes of Theodore Roosevelt and Governor Milliken, my personal 
heroes.  I suppose that it is especially disconcerting in that I was raised in 
a Republican family, and have voted for many over the years.  Unfortunately, 
today's Republican Party is a corrupt shadow of it's former self.  It's time 
to vote them all out.  Maybe that will bring the GOP leadership back into the 
mainstream, and restore a once-proud tradition of conservation leadership to a 
once-grand party.

Jack Smiley

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