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E-M:/ Generating Calls to Governors



With the comment period coming to a close on November 15, 2004, Governors are being asked to sign on to a comment letter to the Forest Service led by Governor Richardson (NM) opposing the Bush administration?s new roadless rule and requirement that governor?s would have to petition for roadless protection in their state.  The letter is attached in PDF.  The following governors have signed on to the letter: Napolitano (AZ), Locke (WA), and Vilsack ( IA).


Calls are needed to urge Governor Granholm to sign this letter.  As most are aware, some governors have already done their own individual letters on this, but we should encourage them to also get on the group letter to show unity with other governors. The latest individual Governors? letters are at: http://www.ourforests.org/risk/index.html#elected


The point people for Governors? staff to contact to sign on to the letter are (DC offices are preferred): 

  1. NM      Bill Richardson(D):

  In-state:        Ned Farquhar; (505) 699-7443

*DC office:   Tony Martinez, Office Director; (202) 220-1348


  1. AZ       Janet Napolitano(D):

In-State:      Lori Faeth, Agriculture Advisor/Policy advisor for Natural Resources; (602) 542-4331;

          *DC Office:  Brian de Vallance, Office Director; (202) 220-1396


Contact for Governor Granholm:


MI       Jennifer Granholm (D)

            In-state:            Lisa Webb Sharpe, Director, Public Policy

Dana Debel, Policy Advisor (Environment/Natural Resources Advisor) (517) 373-3400

            DC office:         John Burchett, Office Director; (202) 624-5840


The letter does not have a firm close date as of yet, but most likely it will be prior to Nov. 2nd.  Please send feedback from your calls to Rob Vandermark, Heritage Forest Campaign, rvandermark@net.org or Lois Norrgard with American Lands Alliance (see contact below).


For a roadless organizing toolkit go to:  http://www.americanlands.org/issues.php?subsubNo=1085518143&article=10924168


Latest Legal Analysis: http://www.ourforests.org/risk/legal_analysis.html


Recent Editorials: http://www.ourforests.org/press/forest_editorials_9-07-04.pdf


For a copy of the letter please send a note to the address below.



Lois Norrgard
American Lands Alliance
Upper Midwest
Bloomington MN 55420
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