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Re: E-M:/ Former DNR director works for developer

Those of us who fought against the South Fox Island land swap saw first hand the alliance of Kool to Johnson (along with the Engler administration and the republican party, both of whom Johnson made substantial donations to).  It was painfully obvious.  And while we (the Traverse Group)were grateful that at least the southern tip of the island was protected, the loss of critical dunes, more than a mile of shoreline, and public land that will never be reclaimed was a major environmental (as well as emotional) blow.  Johnson got what he wanted and Kool was a huge factor in the outcome.
The redeeming aspect of the whole experience?  The coming together of more than 18 conservation, environmental, hunting and fishing groups and organizations, and of course the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, for one simple, pure reason: the common love and respect of the island. 
~Monica Evans
Traverse Group of the Sierra Club 
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Subject: Re: E-M:/ Former DNR director works for developer

I agree with most of what Jack says.  I somewhat differ on South Fox because some form of consolidation makes sense.  Some parts don't make sense, however.  The plan endorsed by the Engler crew was too much driven towards Johnson. 
I especially endorse Jack's position on his disappointment with the current Republican Party.  I too was born and raised a Republican.  My mother was a Republican County commissioner, my wife and I were co-founders of our county Teen Age Republicans, and my heroes also include Governor Milliken, as well as Governor Romney.  The Republican party abandoned me, and abandoned most of us.  Now, the goals of the party seem to be radical right to the complete detriment of Michigan's environment.
I will come back, when they come back to me and Michigan's environmental heritage.