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Re: E-M:/ Sierra Club greets Cheney in Traverse City

Hi Monica & All,
Down here in GR on the radio they reported the Traverse City event having over 2500 there supporting Cheney with a
handful of protestors. Sounds like it was more than a handful. Also don't know if others noticed in the news but Grand
Rapids is No. #3 in the nation for TV Bush ads which ties in with Cheney's appearance in Traverse City & GR (twice in the
last week or so).  The reason being that Bush wants to win big on the West side of the state to combat voters on the
east side of the state.  : (   Folks here are walking door-to-door this weekend and next in the Inner City of Grand Rapids,
and we are calling local West Michigan Group Sierran's to confirm their support and add to our volunteer workforce. 
Any good LTE's that can be used in the Gd Rpds press send my way.  Have local folks doing LTE.   
Also I believe the Sinclair Broadcasts against Kerry were to start airing tonight.  Last I heard their stockholders were
limiting the length of the viewing.  I'd be curious if anyone sees these Sinclair Broadcasting ads.
Jan O'Connell
On Thu, 21 Oct 2004 12:22:27 -0700 "Monica Evans" <imagine@betsievalley.net> writes:
Sierra Club took to the streets in Traverse City Wednesday to greet Vice President Dick Cheney.
25 or so people turned out to join the Sierra Club's protest making it the largest protest contingent present at the event.

TRAVERSE CITY - President George W. Bush created regional buzz when his re-election campaign landed here in mid-August......
~Monica Evans
  Traverse Group of the Sierra Club