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E-M:/ Lansing -Free CFLs - washing machine drawing

Good afternoon,
Just to give you an update on two event that we are planning to
publicize the EnergyWise program.  We will be partnering with Menards to
promote energy efficiency.  We will be handing out 500 CFL's and having
a drawing for a new energy efficient washing machine. 
We will be at the Westside Menards next Wednesday, October 27th and the
Southside on Thursday, October 28th from 4 to 8 pm each day.   Urban
Options and GLREA will also be there.
You are all invited and encouraged to "spread the word" to anyone you
think might be interested.  Thanks and hope to see you there!
Sue Warren, CEM, BEP
Marketing Specialist
Lansing Board of Water & Light
Office: (517) 702-6585
Cellular: (517) 449-7858
slw@lbwl.com <mailto:slw@lbwl.com>
For all the info you ever wanted on CFLs, go to:  www.michigan.gov/deqp2initiatives
(all lower case)  and go to the "Bright Idea" website. 
Maggie Fields
Pollution Prevention Field Staff
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