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E-M:/ CFLs - what are they

Sorry I didn't explain the acronym.
CFLs = Compact Flourescent lights
They're great energy and money savers
I changed over my bathroom lights, garage lights (leave one regular bulb for cold days), hard to reach areas like ceiling lights, and some common areas and found my energy bill go down about $10 per month in the winter.
Now-a-days the bulbs are about $5 - $12 dollars.  It takes less than a year to pay for themselves over the conventional bulb in just the energy they save.  They should last and save money for 7 years but are guaranteed for only one.  Mine are over 4 years old now and going strong. (except in my ceiling fan) A calculator, info on when to use them, their environmental benefit (less energy = less pollution at the power plant) is all on the website.
Do use CFLs where lights are on for 30 minutes or more.  Other bulbs are recommended for:
  closets if on and off quickly; in vibrating ceiling fans (smooth running ones are ok); in enclosed indoor globes (outdoor is OK); or in dimmer lights (unless you bought CFLs designed for dimmers). 
They're working on a new version (ccfls) that isn't sensitive to vibration and overheating (globes).  Should hear more on those soon.
For all the info you ever wanted on CFLs, go to:  www.michigan.gov/deqp2initiatives
(all lower case)  and go to the "Bright Idea" website. 
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